As a branding agency, we live in a competitive industry. Most companies feel like they need to be household names like Nike or Bounty to compete. Why does this level of demand feel necessary? Because it seems like every time you wake up in the morning, your business has another competitor on the rise. This
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Branding and Marketing
In the business world, people often question the differences and impact of branding and marketing. While the two are obviously connected, there are minute differences between the two. If you own a product or a business, it is important that you learn about both, branding and marketing with precision and detail. Doing so will help
Brand Name
So you’ve mustered up a new business idea, thought about a new line of products or services, have your brand goals in place… but can’t think about a name. Business owners often wonder that how a mind so strong that can come up with a brilliant idea can struggle so helplessly when it comes to
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