Branding and Marketing
In the business world, people often question the differences and impact of branding and marketing. While the two are obviously connected, there are minute differences between the two. If you own a product or a business, it is important that you learn about both, branding and marketing with precision and detail. Doing so will help
Building a Successful Brand
To understand the dynamics of building a successful brand, it is important that we know what actually a brand means. While internet searches and dictionary definitions may define the brand in different forms, but all you really need to know that a brand is the character of your business. A logo is not a brand
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Exploring the right marketing strategy for Indian brands For as long as we can remember, Indian brands have adorned our print, analogue and digital media with their memorable stories, catchy jingles and vivid packaging. Some of these brands have become so popular over time that both their products and advertisements are ingrained deep in our