Frontline Service Automation
Intelligent automation is here to stay. But how does it impact the service industry? Once you take human interaction out of the experience, what is left of the brand? Minus
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Uber India Marketing Strategy
Exploring Uber’s innovative marketing strategy in India Uber has been in the news at lot, though not always for the right reasons. The most recent shocker was its exit from
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Mcdonalds Indian Burger
Exploring the right marketing strategy for Indian brands For as long as we can remember, Indian brands have adorned our print, analog and digital media with their memorable stories, catchy
Let’s make an analogy to understand what I am trying to convey. You are new in an area and want to buy groceries. You have two stores. Let’s name them
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Five Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Makes And How To Avoid Them
Are you a newbie in entrepreneurship or an aspiring entrepreneur, or just bored? Then, this article is for YOU! Entrepreneurship is hard. Under the layers of glamorous start-ups, lie the
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All of us are familiar with the phrase “Survival of the fittest”. Even though we have read about it in biology, but this phrase applies in business-ology also. In order
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Five Companies To Learn Business From

In the world of capitalism where every company strives hard to make more and more money, there are certain companies which stand out from others. They are “different”. There’s something
Six common mistakes SMEs make that curb their brand’s growth
As the owner of a small or medium enterprise, you want your brand to stay alive and differentiated from the rest. Building and sustaining a distinct standing for your brand
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